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Dulevo BOOST 20.0

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Dulevo Boost 20.0

The small Dulevo BOOST 20.0 walk behind scrubber guarantees excellent cleaning performance. Simple and sturdy, this small walk behind scrubber is intended for particularly difficult professional applications. The rotary tanks, the steel brush head, and its simplicity guarantee maximum reliability even under the most extreme conditions. 

The Dulevo BOOST 20.0 walk behind scrubber is ideal for professional cleaning of small areas, such as shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Its extremely compact design allows the machine to work in the most narrow places and in places difficult to be reached. 

Despite its reduced dimensions, the Dulevo BOOST 20.0, walk behind scrubber guarantees the same cleaning performance as that of a larger machine. Its features make it suitable also for light industrial uses, such as small mechanical workshops, car dealerships, assembly lines, etc. 

Costs efficiency is the added value of this walk behind scrubber.
Both the brush and squeegee can be easily lifted with two levers, which guarantee reliability and durability. As it is designed on two wheels, the entire weight of the machine is supported by the brushes during the work phase. This special structure ensures excellent cleaning outcomes.

Ergonomics, smoothness, operator's comfort and a few and simple switches make the machine pleasant and easy to use. Every detail of the Dulevo BOOST 20.0 walk behind scrubber has been designed to obtain excellent cleaning outcomes and considerably low costs even by inexperienced users. 

Another distinguish feature of the walk behind scrubber is flexibility. The folded handle and its lightness allow the machine to be easily transported by car or in small vans and to be stored in small closets. 

The Dulevo BOOST 20.0 walk behind scrubber is equipped with a 430 mm brush, which guarantees maximum cleanliness on any surface. The Dulevo BOOST 20.0 scrubber is available in two versions:
• BOOST 20.4E: cable-operated, 230 V current, brush-assisted semi-automatic traction
• BOOST 20.4B: battery-operated, with brush-assisted semi-automatic traction 

Some features:
• The 440 mm scrubber is placed near the brush This special feature allows for perfect drying even in the presence of particularly narrow bends.
• The brush stops automatically when the machine remains at a stand in order to prevent the floor from damage.
• To avoid flooding, the solenoid valve allows water to flow only if the brush is moving.
• Extremely silent.
• Reversible squeegee blades.
• Battery charger on board as per standard.
• Brush easy to hook and unhook.
• Easily accessible suction motor.
• Replacement of parts subject to wear without using tools.