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LooBlade® avoids the use of bristles which collect debris and water.

It rethinks the holder as a quick drying, antimicrobial environment.

It provides ergonomic, fast cleaning action called 'Swipeclean Technology®'.

It's quick drying, easy-rinse and durable. it's better at getting under the rim than conventional brushes and also works as a plunger if required. 

  • No more clogged up bristles.
  • Bacteria-neutralising, anti-microbial additive kills 99.9% of germs that come in contact with blades.
  • 'SwipeClean' 8 blade cleaning head maintains contact with the bowl, swiping the surface clean and reaching under the rim with ease.
  • Unique 'hollow-point' head feature helps clear blockages.
  • Hydrophobic additive means that water runs off quickly, minimising dripping, drying quickly and improving hygiene.