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Microfibre Socket Mop - 200g (GREY)

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200grm Microfibre socket mop heads utilises microfibre technology with traditional styling mops.

Colour coded cut of tab system mop head sockets make it easy to identify which mop head is for to be used in what area.

Reduces the amount of mop heads you require to hold on site as you can just choose the colour of the mop head before first use meaning you only need to hold one set of mop heads.

  • Threaded socket so the mop head screws onto our handles for ease of use.
  • Highly efficient with good absorption - advanced cleaning without chemical solutions.
  • Circular profile looped microfibre socket mop head with band. 
  • These microfibre socket mop heads are Laundarable meaning they can be used again and again to save on costs and waste.