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Multi Yarn Kentucky Mops - 450g

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Multi Yarn Kentucky Mops - 450g

The Multi Yarn colour flagged Kentucky mop heads are manufactured in the UK and are developed to suit all of your mopping requirements.

Multi Yarn is a combination of both PY and Twine Yarn, which means the mop offers excellent abrasion resistance and is suitable for rougher floors such as safety flooring whilst still offering good absorption.

The mop heads are designed to be easy to fit and change to colour coded Kentucky mop handles with rust free plastic or metal fittings.

Using the Colour coding flagging system that comes with your Kentucky mop heads helps you eliminate cross contamination. 

Before use, simply pull off the unwanted colours to instantly colour code your Kentucky mop head to help control cross contamination.

  • Kentucky mop heads are hugely popular and used for cleaning all sorts of areas from fast food outlets to schools.
  • Colour coded Flags mean you only need to store one mop to reduce storage space. 
  • 450g